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Equal Rights Amendment


Illinois Passes ERA!!!

We still have a long way to go.  In order for ERA to be ratified to the U.S.A. Constitution one other state has to ratify ERA.  Virginia, Florida, Missouri are the next states that we are working with.  Also, Illinois Representatives are working in Washington D.C. to discard the deadline to ratify ERA.  Please contact your representatives to pass this law.  We have come so far, please help us cross the finish line.

ERA Update

Scripts to Encourage Illinois Federal Representatives to Sponsor and Vote for ERA

Federal telephone script and letter for ERA.pdf

Federal telephone script and letter for ERA.docx

There are currently two federal bills we should be pushing regarding ERA. S.J.Res15 and H.J.Res 51 are identical bills which eliminate the time limit for ratification of the equal rights amendment.  The senate bill is cosponsored by both of Illinois senators Durbin and Kirk and was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.  The house bill is cosponsored by 111 representatives, unfortunately all DEMOCRATS but of those only 7 of the Illinois representatives.  As of June 16th, Illinois Representatives cosponsoring the house bill are Bustos, Foster, Gutierrez, Kelly, Quiqley, Rush and Schakowsky.  The house bill (as of 6/1/15) was referred to the Committee on the Constitution and Civil Justice.

During the coming weeks, it is imperative that we write letters to the editors of all major papers in Illinois with this information and urge our elected representatives to sign onto this house bill and to move it forward.   It is necessary that we educate all our local area citizens regarding these bills and have them contact their elected reps to encourage passage as well.  Only when we make enough noise to get their attention, will this issue be moved forward.

Equal Rights for all is NOT a women’s issue; it is a FAMILY Issue!  Similarly, the issue is not a democratic or republican issue either despite the fact that only 1 U.S. senator (Kirk) has signed on to support the issue and not one of the many republican representatives have.

 Our elected officials need to hear not only from the females they are obligated to represent but from the many males who also feel it is time for this issue to be completed.  Encourage direct contact with all federally elected Illinois senators and representatives asking them to support these bills and to vote them into being this session. 

There has been no movement in the Illinois house or senate and there will NOT be until enough individuals contact their elected officials and encourage them to support this issue.  Once that has occurred, Representative Lang will once again introduce a bill to have it passed in Illinois.  Ladies, this issue is the most important plank of our legislative platform and should receive your utmost attention to have it passed so we can drop it from a platform which has been the same for far too long.

To contact the Illinois State Representatives and encourage them to vote yes in Springfield use these templates:

Federal telephone script and letter for ERA.pdf

Federal telephone script and letter for ERA.docx

Tina Klein

IFBW ERA Representative

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