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Thursday, October 29th. 4:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m. CT

Featuring: Illinois State Rep. Anna Moeller; Cherita Ellens, President and CEO of Women Employed; Linda Xóchitl Tortolero, President and CEO of Mujeres Latinas en Acción; Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza; and moderator Kelly Saulsberry, Director of Policy and Outreach for the City of Chicago, Commission on Human Relations.

The event will be livestreamed. RSVP to our Facebook event and stay tuned for details on where to watch!

The Equal Pay Day Chicago coalition and our partners are working to lift up the voices and experiences of women of color in conversations about the wage gap. That’s why this year, we are holding Chicago’s annual equal pay event on Latina Equal Pay Day in recognition of the fact that we cannot close the wage gap until ALL women are paid equitably.

#Trabajadoras #OwnYourPower2020

Get Ready Equal Pay Advocates!
It is time!  Let's share the news that Equal Pay Day is moving.  Details below.
First, a quick recap, this year will be the 10th time the Equal Pay Day coalition has gathered to raise awareness of the gender pay gap.  Since starting in 2010, we’ve all seen a  greater awareness of the problem and an appetite to work for change.  Even our coalition's growth from a dozen members to over 70 shows the spotlight is working.  We made an impact too.  Our state finally passed the #NoSalaryHistory ban.  Last year, 11 states passed equal pay reforms.  Even Alabama passed its first ever piece of equal pay legislation.

The time has come to go deeper into the issue.  We need to shift the conversation from the average pay gap, to seeing that the compounding effects of race and gender contribute to even wider pay gaps for many of our sisters.  Therefore, as a show of solidarity, we will gather on the last equal pay day of 2020.  Previously we publicly gathered on the Equal Pay Day that marks the “average” gap in the spring.  This year, we will gather in the fall to mark Latina Equal Pay Day.  
In addition to being the right time for this change, Chicago is the right place to move the conversation. 
Chicago and Cook County are uniquely situated to shift the conversation.  Women of color lead here.  Just look at our government where black or brown women hold the five highest elected offices—Mayor, Treasurer, City Clerk, President of the County Board, and County Clerk.  At the state level, we are served by our Lt. Governor and Comptroller.
Here in Chicago, we say “not without my sister” because our work is not done until every woman is fairly compensated with equal pay for equal work.

Therefore, we are moving Equal Pay Day Chicago to October 29, which is Latina Equal Pay Day.  On Friday, we'll issue the first press release with the "hook" of Leap Year.


For more information:  Equal Pay Day Chicago 2020

As of August 20, 2015 the Illinois House Bill was approved and signed the Governor

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Equal Pay Act of 2003. Provides that the Act applies to all employers rather than only those with more than 3 employees. Increases the maximum civil penalty for all violations of the Act or a rule from $2,500 to $5,000.

Senate Floor Amendment No. 2
Changes the manner of imposing penalties. Provides that employers with fewer than 4 employees are subject to penalties ranging from $500 for a first offense to $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense. Provides that employers with 4 or more employees are subject to penalties ranging from $2,500 for a first offense to $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense.

For more information:  Public Act 099-0418

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