Illinois Federation of Business Women's Clubs, Inc.

Happy 100th Anniversary to Illinois Federation of Business Women’s Club!  What an exciting year we have planned for this year!

We would like to thank you for visiting our website.  Information on the IFBWC can also be found on our Facebook page, our Twitter account and on the internet under women’s organizations.   Our motto of “Women Helping Women” has carried us through many years of growth and progress.  We still have many issues to help resolve in today’s world of women.  Equal Pay and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois top the list. 

Although progress has been made in women’s rights since the inception of our organization in 1919, issues involving the rights of women continue to evolve and new issues continue to be added such as domestic abuse and workplace discrimination.  Often times, it is women discriminating against other women as they have climbed the ladder to success.  It is time we banded together to help one another rather than find differences to separate ourselves from other women.  Our organization is only one of many that give women the opportunity to do just that.  Let’s get to know each other and find our common ground and interests rather than find something to disagreed about.  Personally, I need all the friends I can get and this organization gives you the opportunity to meet new people and expand your interests.

The Illinois Federation of Business Women is always looking for new members to join our organization and promote our causes.  We support the Equal Rights Amendment; the Equal Pay Day Rally held in Chicago each year promoting equal pay for all performing equal work; a Lobby Day in Springfield letting our legislators know the important issues women face every day;  an Educational Leadership University which provides professional training in many developmental and personal areas; a Reality Store to help train young high school men and women in money management and the expenses involved in every day living; a Speak-Off Competition to assist young women in developing speaking and presentation skills; as well as, the presentation of scholarships to help promote educational opportunities for our upcoming youth who one day will inherit the leadership of not only our organization but the leadership of our nation and our world.

Next year’s IFBWC Convention will be held in Effingham, Illinois, a midpoint in our State. The State of Illinois will be celebrating it’s bicentennial at the same time we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our organization.  Our Convention will focus on the history of our organization as well as provide an opportunity to hear career and character building speakers.  Start planning now so you can join us at our celebration.  We always have a lot of fun as well as get some organizational work done.

Our theme this year is “Remembering the Past/Building the Future”.  Each day we write another page in the history of our organization and the memories of our members.  We hope you will want to become part of that history as well as bring your ideas forward to help us build our future and the future of generations to come.

Carol Burk

IFBWC President, 2018-2019

Illinois Federation of Business Women's Clubs, Inc (IFBWC) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.
3309 Robbins Road #366, Springfield, IL 62704

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