Illinois Federation of Business Women's Clubs, Inc.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! We also encourage you to visit our Facebook Page, and our Twitter feed. There you will find out more about the Federation. You will also discover information that will prepare you to advance in your workplace. You will also see how other women like you are working in their local communities to obtain equal pay, health care specifically designed to address women’s health issues, affordable day care, affordable housing for women and children, and freedom from domestic violence.

The Federation has been an active advocate and voice for business women since its inception in 1919. Founded in a time where women were fighting for the right to vote, and to work in jobs with which they could support their families, the Federation has continued to serve its members by creating the Celia Howard Foundation to award scholarships to young women entering graduate studies in the law, public policy administration, diplomacy, and international management. The Federation will also be establishing a scholarship program this year which will fund students pursuing undergraduate programs. In addition, the Federation has worked in conjunction with other women’s organizations to sponsor Equal Pay Day, first instituted in Illinois six years ago. The Federation has also sponsored voter education through candidate forums, and encouraged women to run for elective office, and has conducted Lobby Days in Springfield to advocate for legislation and educate legislators about issues of importance to working women and their families. The Federation also has created the Leadership Development Program Speak Off Competition to assist young women develop their leadership and presentation skills. And in our communities, the Federation operates the Reality Store, a program that educates high school students about what it takes to support themselves and their families, and the Outstanding Working Women of Illinois, at both the local, and the state level, to recognize the accomplishments of business women not only in their professions, but also in their communities.

The Federation is also continuing its work on two exciting initiatives for business women, namely, the Leadership University, and the mentor project. Leadership University provides professional training in the areas of personal development, professional development, leadership, and legislative initiatives. The mentor project is designed to pair young professionals with more experienced business people who can assist in areas such as networking, workplace issues, and employment.

Our theme this year is “Reaching for the Stars.” We want not only to work within our organization, but collaboratively with other women’s organizations as well, to expand our programs, and support our goals. If you are not presently a member, and want to join us, I encourage you to contact me or any of the officers or local organization contacts you will find on this website. I look forward to meeting and working with you in this coming year!

Tina Suarez

IFBWC President, 2017-2018

Illinois Federation of Business Women's Clubs, Inc (IFBWC) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.
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